Automation Suite

One product. One price. As simple as the platform itself.

Automation Suite

Easily enable Adaptive Process Automations that can span virtually any application or data source. Adaptive logic applies conditions to data to determine the next best step in the process.

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Create fully automated processes using a low-to-no code, visual, drag-and-drop design interface.

What Is Automation Suite?

A platform that enables you to easily manage your system of systems

Data in Flight

SpiceX Processes do not initially save any of the data imported into the process. Complex logic and data manipulation can be accomplished without having the information leave the transport layer. SpiceX is a fully HIPPA Compliant SaaS Solution.

Process Automation

Setup Process Workflows, Abstracted Layer Php scripts or any web accessible script to be executed at a certain day and time. An Automated Process can be an endpoint for an array of different integration types. Easily create a process to act as a REST API for any data accessible through the SpiceX Platform.

Low-Code Design

Simply drag and drop the building blocks of a process to perform an abundance of actions. Automatically send emails, save information to a database, load data from another CRM application, or execute JavaScript by simply dragging the appropriate action to where it's needed.

Connect to Anything

Connect to any system with an open API as well as systems where no API's are available. SpiceCSM excels at connecting to data where API's are not a feasible option. Data pulled into SpiceX can be written to other systems in order to leverage their functions.

Speech Integrations

SpiceX's Flexible Design allows it to process requests from Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. Visually create a workflow to process the voice requests and return the appropriate voice response. A single process could be setup to work with both systems.

Flexible Design

The Automation Suite can act as a back end for any front end system. POST requests can be sent to an Automated Process to leverage the integration power and data manipulation capabilities of SpiceX Process Workflows. Information can then be returned to the POST source to be presented to an end user.