Workflow Engine

The most complete business process management software

What Is A Workflow Engine?

A complete business process improvement platform to manage workflow from the back-end forward

Get It Right Every Time

With SpiceX you'll have the right information in the right place at the right time. Information you need can be pulled from any system and combined into a unified interface to eliminate hunting and pecking. Delivered though SpiceX's CRM and interactive workflow you always get the information exactly when you need it.

Next Best Decision

Powerful interactive workflows that are simple to follow. Information can be broken into sections making it easier to focus on the actual process. Decision making logic can be built directly into the process allowing every step to automatically adapt to any situation. With SpiceX you can be sure the next step is always the right step.

Structured Workflows

Structured Workflows
Programmable processes that produce consistent results. You define every step of the process to capture the exact data you need. Think of it as "process guard rails" to ensure every interaction is handled within the boundaries you set. You'll love the consistency and they'll love the simplicity.

Visual Process Design

SpiceX Guided Processes are as easy to build as they are intuitive to follow. Using a WYSIWYG visual process designer you see exactly what the end user will see while you build. This takes the guess work out of process design so you can focus on process optimization.

Citizen Engineers

Great ideas aren't limited to your development team. SpiceX low-code development platform means that even non-technical users can easily create powerful business processes. Simply drag and drop the building blocks that drive different process functions, and double click to configure each node's unique properties and settings.

Process Feedback

We understand that more frequent users of any process will know the process best. That's why we built in a process-feedback option for end users to report suggested content updates. This closed loop system ensures continuous process improvement starts on the front-lines.


What Is Engagement Suite?

A Unified User Interface (UUI) to Orchestrate Your Customer’s Journey

Unified User Interface

Work better, faster, and more securely. SpiceX allows you to bring data from many business applications into a single intuitive view.

Data Integration

Have the right information in the right place at the right time. Front-end all of your important data in SpiceX's intuitive customer engagement platform. No more alt-tabbing around or logging into multiple applications. It's a classic case of "work smarter not harder".

Workflow Engine

The most complete business process management software enables users to easily create intuitive, interactive, and intelligent, business processes.

Case Management

SpiceX is the only CRM powered by intelligent workflow, integration, and process automation. Customize the look and feel of the CRM, and create multiple record types to display different information.

Process Automation

Let your data go to work for you. The easiest way to get accurate and repeatable results, SpiceX Process Automation can replace or augment critical or tedious manual tasks.

Dashboard Analytics

Reporting that crosses boundaries and provides actionable insight. Consolidate data from any system that interacts with SpiceX.