Process Automation

Work smarter not harder and let your data work for you.

What Is Process Automation?

Automatically perform specific business functions to achieve digital transformation.

Automated Dispositions

Good reporting requires accurate final data. SpiceX uses your process data as the means to create the ultimate system of truth. Each process step can be evaluated to automatically and correctly classify an interaction. You can also remove this step from manual processes altogether for even more efficiency.

Automated Notes

Every step of a process tells a story, and accurately capturing that story is crucial. SpiceX can be easily configured to track any detail about the interaction automatically. No more stopping to take notes, leading to a better user experience as well as improved efficiency and consistency among all your case notes.

Automated Actions

We took some of the most common, manual functions that are either tedious or require a high level of detail and turned them into configurable process actions you can use in your workflow. Automatically send emails, change CRM fields, schedule events, or interact with the CRM database to create a seamless hybrid workforce.

Machine to Machine

SpiceX guided processes can now be used to orchestrate all of your back-end system interactions. Our robust Automation Suite lets you connect disparate systems and/or data sources and incorporate them into your process design. Build processes that run completely independent of human interaction.

Programmable and Repeatable

The complete platform to manage your systematic and recurring process tasks. Process automation provides consistent results every time without variation. Configure processes to deliver the exact results you expect every time. Perfect for tedious or repetitive tasks since the platform never sleeps or gets tired.

Low-Code Configuration

Live automation is made possible through a low-code, menu driven interface. The Automation Suite and processes are configured using the same simple drag and drop, visual design studio as our Guided Processes. There are no additional applications to learn to create automated processes.


What Is Engagement Suite?

A Unified User Interface (UUI) to Orchestrate Your Customer’s Journey

Unified User Interface

Work better, faster, and more securely. SpiceX allows you to bring data from many business applications into a single intuitive view.

Data Integration

Have the right information in the right place at the right time. Front-end all of your important data in SpiceX's intuitive customer engagement platform. No more alt-tabbing around or logging into multiple applications. It's a classic case of "work smarter not harder".

Workflow Engine

The most complete business process management software enables users to easily create intuitive, interactive, and intelligent, business processes.

Case Management

SpiceX is the only CRM powered by intelligent workflow, integration, and process automation. Customize the look and feel of the CRM, and create multiple record types to display different information.

Process Automation

Let your data go to work for you. The easiest way to get accurate and repeatable results, SpiceX Process Automation can replace or augment critical or tedious manual tasks.

Dashboard Analytics

Reporting that crosses boundaries and provides actionable insight. Consolidate data from any system that interacts with SpiceX.