Dashboards and Analytics

Reporting that crosses boundaries providing actionable insight

What Are Dashboards and Analytics?

Combine data from your existing business systems into a single platform

Actionable Data

Dashboard reporting makes it easier to consume data quickly. Especially important for tracking rapid, fast-paced activity where data moves the needle over seconds and minutes not minutes and hours. The only choice when you need the most agile data.

Role Based Dashboards

Dashboards can extend beyond the standard case and contact monitoring views. Implement separate reporting dashboards for different users that highlight the metrics that matter most to that group. Show users the data that helps them perform better.

Monitor KPI's

Quickly and easily monitor performance for the most common Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). Robust reporting dashboards allow you to filter between subsets of data to see exactly what is contributring to each metric. Quickly identify and react to changing data trends.

Standard Reports

Choose from a variety of Standard, out-of-the-box, reports that provide detail into agents, cases, work items, and their associated KPI's. Track dispositions, interactions by agent, or other data points that help you make insightful business decisions.

Export Data

Export report data providing the ability to manipulate data externally in an application like Excel. Choose from several export formats, with the ability to schedule and email reports automatically so the data is delivered directly to your inbox.

Report Designer

For advanced reporting needs the Report Builder allows you to create completely custom reports. Define the data and table structure as well as run options, and filter options. You can even manipulate the data as it's being presented to the report.


What Is Engagement Suite?

A Unified User Interface (UUI) to Orchestrate Your Customer’s Journey

Unified User Interface

Work better, faster, and more securely. SpiceX allows you to bring data from many business applications into a single intuitive view.

Data Integration

Have the right information in the right place at the right time. Front-end all of your important data in SpiceX's intuitive customer engagement platform. No more alt-tabbing around or logging into multiple applications. It's a classic case of "work smarter not harder".

Workflow Engine

The most complete business process management software enables users to easily create intuitive, interactive, and intelligent, business processes.

Case Management

SpiceX is the only CRM powered by intelligent workflow, integration, and process automation. Customize the look and feel of the CRM, and create multiple record types to display different information.

Process Automation

Let your data go to work for you. The easiest way to get accurate and repeatable results, SpiceX Process Automation can replace or augment critical or tedious manual tasks.

Dashboard Analytics

Reporting that crosses boundaries and provides actionable insight. Consolidate data from any system that interacts with SpiceX.