A Customer Engagement Hub in Less than 3 Weeks

A Customer Engagement Hub in Less than Three Weeks
August 13, 2019
NICE inContact Solutions:

  • CXone ACD
  • SpiceX Engagement Suite – Enterprise

    Three weeks to a future-proof customer engagement hub? It happened for Aetna Medicare Transition Services — and it can happen for your organization too. Discover how in our webinar, A Customer Engagement Hub in Less than Three Weeks.

    With a short timeline and multiple challenges to overcome, upleveling its contact center was no small feat for Aetna. William Jetter, President of Aetna Medicare Transition Services, gives the inside scoop on the challenges they faced with old contact center infrastructure.

    To support their next-generation marketing program and amplify innovation, Aetna Medicare Transition Services replaced their old on-premises infrastructure with the NICE inContact cloud customer experience platform and SpiceX. The combined solution took Aetna’s growth trajectory to new heights, cultivating the ideal customer experience stream the webinar now.
    If your current contact center brings more struggles than results, or you want to strengthen your customer experience and your innovation simultaneously, view the key strategies and actionable ideas in this webinar.

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