BDR PRO Enhanced by Realink transforms customer engagement

Fort Lauderdale, March 14, 2024 – SpiceX is excited to announce the full integration of Realink, a modern identity resolution, data hygiene and enhancement solution Enhanced by Audience Acuity. These capabilities are now available in our new product BDR PRO. With the implementation now completed, the solution will enable the ability for businesses to identify, understand, and contextually interact with their customers across all relevant pathways.

“Realinks’ identity resolution framework and data as a service (Daas) suite has revolutionized how we approach customer engagement,” says Mike Ryan, CEO of Spicex. “By leveraging Realink, we can now enable identity resolution, complete with data hygiene and enhancement to deliver unparalleled benefits to our customers. We are proud to announce BDR PRO Enhanced by Realink, the first of several collaborations with Audience Acuity.”

BDR PRO Enhanced by Realink, allows clients to seamlessly harness the accuracy and scale of Audience Acuity’s omni-channel Super Identity Graph. This ensures our clients’ customer data is up-to-date, complete, and privacy safe. Ultimately, our comprehensive solution, BDR PRO, now empowers clients to optimize marketing spend, understand customers, and accelerate sales qualified lead (SQL) generation. This holistic approach coupled with SpiceX capabilities like advanced audience segmentation, automated campaign triggers, and real-time reporting, sets our solution apart in the market.

“I’m excited to announce the integration of Realink into SpiceX’s BDR PRO. Realink, helps end- users correct inaccurate, out of date or incomplete customer records in their accounts. As a result, the integration enables BDR PRO clients to improve their ability to understand and better reach customers. This leads to an enhanced return on marketing investment.” Jeff Berke, CEO of Audience Acuity.

Industry-leading applications are Enhanced by Realink, and SpiceX is proud to be at the forefront of this innovation. By integrating Realink into our solution, we are equipped to develop, scale, and operate our applications seamlessly, delivering exceptional value to our customers.

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