Case Study: America’s Pharmacy Source

America’s Pharmacy Source is an online retail pharmacy that provides outstanding support to customers of their mail-order pharmacy support with the vision of “The Future of Pharmacy Today”. America’s Pharmacy Source operates exclusively online and offers a wide range of medications at a low cost with home delivery to their patients. They provide their patients with competitive pricing, easy access to medications, and exceptional customer service. Since launching in 2018, America’s Pharmacy Source has become a trusted resource for their patients.

Improving Data Integrity and Establishing Efficient Workflows

America’s Pharmacy Source was looking for a CRM that allowed them to provide efficient, innovative customer service management to track and report on patients and their interactions with the customer service team. SpiceX was able to deliver a solution that guides agents through calls as well as, integrates and manages their data, all while keeping customer information secure and private. The solution provided a simple to use interface that bridges the gaps between the various systems their agents need to interact with.

The Solution

Unified User Interface

SpiceX is able to provide agents with an intuitive workflow by securely integrating multiple platforms into one interface. America’s Pharmacy Source integrated their patient records with their telephony system to make it easier to validate records. When a patient calls in to customer service, their data is retrieved from a matching contact record and presented to the agent automatically. The agent is also, on the same screen, guided through how to handle the call and prompted to enter relevant information about what the patient is reaching out for. This would include anything from general patient information to specific medicine or support details.

Workflow Engine and Process Automation

SpiceX worked with America’s Pharmacy Source team to design workflows and automate processes for their most common call drivers. This would include automating various background tasks on behalf of the agent, for example, retrieving patient information or filing patient reports. Background tasks automatically retrieve prescription details when they refill a prescription. During service calls, there are user-guidance prompts presented to the agent that walk them through how to handle the call while automatically taking notes on the interaction. Transactions are automatically processed through the integrated pharmacy management and billing system. For the end-user, this simplifies interactions and makes them less prone to error. In addition to this, many interactions are automatically classified for the agents to ensure that reporting is accurate and further reducing the agents’ tedious tasks.


A vital component of any process for the America’s Pharmacy Source team, was maintaining HIPAA compliance. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was put in place in 1996 to protect sensitive patient health information. The SpiceX platform ensures that agent workflows maintain adherence to HIPAA standards by obfuscating, encrypting, and safeguarding sensitive information.

Case Management

SpiceX provides America’s Pharmacy Source with a CRM powered by intelligent workflow, integration, and automation. When a patient calls in, the databases are queried to see if the person calling is already in the system. If they are, the system will pull all specified information and display it to the agent. If they are not, a new record is created to fill in the patient’s details. A case is also automatically created to track that interaction. Agents are given access to specific subsets of cases based on their role, so multiple groups can work within the same system easily while maintaining compliance.


SpiceX enables all manner of systems to be connected to the platform, creating a more intelligent CRM. America’s Pharmacy Source leverages several integrations with order fulfillment, payment processing, and recording software. The integrations with these systems were crucial to creating a complete solution for agents to assist pharmacy customers with almost any issue. Telephony integrations allow for contact matching as well as self serve IVRs for patients to leverage when they simply need a refill on their prescription. Depending on the origin of the call, Spice will initiate the specific agent workflow that aligns with that call type.

Another key integration is with a payment processing solution that protects the privacy of patient payment information. This third-party product can be engaged as part of agent workflow, and will tokenize payment information to prevent unauthorized use. This in conjunction with an integration to their call recording software to pause and restart recordings ensure compliance is maintained.

America’s Pharmacy Source also choose to integrate PrimeRx, a pharmacy solution and order fulfillment system, to pull in patient information and provide additional guidance and workflows to process that information. PrimeRx serves as the main tool for the Pharmacy staff to fill and process orders. By integrating, agents are able to get insight on both current and past orders to better assist the patients calling in.

Streamlined Results

Working with SpiceX to design their Integrated CRM solution has provided America’s Pharmacy Source with a multitude of benefits. They were able to combine data and functions from other critical systems and overlay everything on a single platform for ease of use and advanced process management. SpiceX provided the perfect combination of plug and play, customizable software. With the low code, drag and drop Process Editor, America’s Pharmacy Source is able to enhance and make changes to the workflow as they adapt and expand their business. SpiceX’s modular design and flexibility provides a future-proof solution to lead their digital transformation.

About SpiceX

SpiceX: is the leading platform for creating a digital ecosystem that connects disparate systems, people, and processes, and orchestrates interactions to greatly enhance the user experience and better leverage existing infrastructure. Combining a powerful integration platform, robust business rules and workflow engine, intelligent automation, and a unified interface with dashboard and analytics, SpiceX allows organizations unparalleled capabilities to innovate and transform their business operations without expensive, time consuming rip and replace initiatives.

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