International City Government Selects SpiceCSM

An International City Government has selected SpiceX to provide an All-In-One CRM and Unified Desktop to manage and serve their ~2 million constituents. SpiceX’s Unified Desktop brings information from other systems into a single interface and allows organizations to customize the agent front-end to make information easier to interact with. The ability to leverage that data inside a robust Business Process Management (BPM) Engine that provides agent guidance cemented SpiceX as the chosen platform to run their Contact Center operations.

The City uses SpiceX as a data orchestration and case management tool to provide information to hundreds of agents. A customized unified desktop was created, consolidating all information that agents need during an interaction into one system. With SpiceX agents can view and update customer records, search for related records to merge, re-associate interactions, view interaction history, and take interaction notes from a single screen. This initiative spanned every department in the City and required the team at SpiceX to coordinate, gather, and compile large amounts of information and feedback from different groups.

Improving Data Integrity and Consistency

Data is critical to efficiently managing City operations. Constituents can report anything from issues with various municipal services to feedback, where data needs to be tracked and recorded to allow for follow up and completion. Data integrity and consistency were critical for whichever platform the City selected to use in their Contact Center. When data was migrated to SpiceX during implementation there were over 5 million records in a city of just under 2 million people. Many of these records were duplicates or incomplete entries due to previous limitations in tracking and managing records. After using SpiceX to migrate and clean up the data, we were able to condense the data down to roughly 1 million complete and consistent entries. The integrity and consistency of the data are not only important from an analytics or metrics standpoint but also vital for excellent customer service.

The Solution

By focusing on agile development and coordinating amongst various departments, SpiceX was able to implement the City’s solution in only a few months. Working with SpiceX, City management was able to oversee the development of a platform that had been customized for their workflow and would allow their agents to access all the relevant data needed for a single interaction and provide quality service. The implementation highlighted many core components of SpiceX, listed below.

Data Integrity

Spice ensured that the City started with a clean set of data and that processes were in place to maintain that integrity. Data about constituents and interactions with the Contact Center are tracked in the CRM. Data can be used to provide communications to constituents or ensure timely resolutions to requests. Data accuracy is also improved through guided processes that help the agent walk the customer through the interaction following all the correct protocols.

Unified User Interface & CRM

The user interface significantly simplifies how agents can interact with data because of the specific requirements for how data was presented. SpiceX had to create a custom stand-alone view that presented customer information in a specific format. Through the integration with NICE inContact a case is automatically created when a customer calls or emails in, and the agent is presented with all the information they need to handle the interaction. City management are continuing to optimize the system using SpiceX’s low-code design features to provide a better agent and customer experience.

Process Automation

SpiceX further optimizes agent utilization by automating some of the common, repetitive tasks. City management takes advantage of this by automatically loading the record of the constituent calling and automating call routing functions for managed customers. SpiceX can also merge, reassign, and reconcile data in the background to help manage records. When contact cards are merged, for example, the agent chooses which data is saved to the master record, and the alternate record is archived.

Business Process Management

City resources use Guided Processes to collect information and follow instructions that encourage a more efficient workflow. Processes are designed so that the agent has a more intuitive experience, follows any special protocols, and can focus on helping the customer. Information from various sources is presented in a streamlined interface so agents always have the right information from the right place at the right time. Special processes have been built around email handling, and special customer exceptions that require additional tasks to be performed under certain conditions.

Streamlined Results

Working with SpiceX, City management was able to implement a transformative solution within months. They oversaw the customization of the platform for their workflow such that it would allow their agents to access all the relevant data needed for every interaction and provide efficient, quality service.  Since using the platform the City has seen improvements to Average Handle Time (AHT), Utilization, and Net New Records and expect to see a similar increase in CSAT.

About SpiceX

SpiceX: is the leading platform for creating a digital ecosystem that connects disparate systems, people, and processes, and orchestrates interactions to greatly enhance the user experience and better leverage existing infrastructure. Combining a powerful integration platform, robust business rules and workflow engine, intelligent automation, and a unified interface with dashboard and analytics, SpiceX allows organizations unparalleled capabilities to innovate and transform their business operations without expensive, time consuming rip and replace initiatives.To learn more about SpiceX, visit