JIRA Integration

SpiceX introduces a JIRA Platform Integration to allow for utilization of CRM/business data directly into the software management platform.

Organizations rely on various systems to track business progress & client engagement data, as well project progress. Maintaining a system truth and having consistent & up-to-date documentation requires that all teams, technical & non-technical, be able to engage with information more effectively. Traditionally because of software complexity and user accessibility, primarily development team members utilize JIRA. This requires training additional stakeholders or .

SpiceX’s solution to the data and communication disconnect is to provide all team members some level of access to JIRA. The JIRA integration connects to the SpiceX platform, allowing for data transfer into JIRA directly from the SpiceX end. SpiceX is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), so in connecting to JIRA, all systems unified in SpiceX can also send data into JIRA. 

JIRA Integration in Use at SpiceX

Internally, SpiceX utilizes the JIRA Integration to support client requests and manage continued platform development. The integration helps us manage client requests, from new development, bug fixes, and managing feature requests, to other enhancements. Information can easily be shared between groups regardless of whether they are the primary Jira users. Our Customer Success Team uses the integration to directly share notes and client feedback from SpiceX with the Development Team in real time. The Software Development Team benefits from the data sharing aspect, as now they have more reliable and regular updates regarding client needs.

Platform Configuration & Data Orchestration

Administrators and developers provide access to JIRA by configuring a Platform Connector, which authenticates the connection to the specified JIRA instance. The Platform Connector only needs to be configured once and allows platform users to access data within JIRA from the SpiceX interface, and update requests in Jira directly from SpiceX workflows. Once configured, the Customer Support agent interacts with JIRA entirely through forms and processes within SpiceX and can only access and enter information from fields that have been made available in SpiceX. This provides an additional level of security by limiting how external users can interact with the system. Through the SpiceX Form, agents can view comments and project requests, take action, or interact with other project related fields. The Jira integration is programmed in our low/no-code visual and Process Editor.The SpiceX Process Editor is SpiceX’s Low/No-Code visual development studio, with drag and drop modules for specific actions. Those actions combine to create robust processes that help users perform specific functions with ease. With our JIRA integration, administrators or developers can add a step within any workflow that orchestrates process data with Jira. Any information that the agent captures can be sent directly into JIRA via SpiceX, without having to engage with the JIRA platform.


The JIRA Platform Integration allows for data from all systems & sources to be funneled directly from SpiceX into appropriate fields within JIRA. For organizations that utilize JIRA this integration allows for more seamless interaction between groups that contribute to projects, making project management more efficient and effective.
SpiceX is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) which aims for a connected view of all your data through our Unified Agent Desktop. Follow us to keep up to date on new integrations and development on existing integrations.

For more information on how SpiceX and JIRA work together reach out to our Customer Success team.