Salesforce Node Library Announced

SpiceX ( has announced a new Salesforce Node Library available NOW to be used with our No-Code/Low-Code Visual Process Editor. The node library provides content creators with drag and drop building blocks used to easily configure integrations that push, pull, and manipulate data between your Salesforce and SpiceX instance. These no-code integration connectors are configured entirely through a series of visual table selectors and require zero coding knowledge. Through SpiceX’s unique Platform Connection manager, you can even integrate data between multiple Salesforce instances at the same time, regardless of which cluster they are on.

The SpiceX Platform Connection, essentially the data link from SpiceX to Salesforce, is enabled by completing a quick wizard in Salesforce and inputting the details into SpiceX. Once that is setup, the no-code nodes can be placed anywhere inside a new or existing process workflow to provide a visual GUI to build integration touchpoints that create, load, update, and delete data from Salesforce. Content creators are not required to have direct access to Salesforce but are still able to dynamically choose which Salesforce tables, records, contacts, and other entities that SpiceX should manipulate. The nodes are even more flexible due to a simple-to-use logic engine that allows integrations only if specific criteria are met.
The SpiceX Salesforce Node Library makes it simple for the IT Staff or Salesforce Administrator to easily enable a secure connection to the data while at the same time enabling Citizen Engineers to be able to develop meaningful processes. Call or contact us today to find out more about our Node Libraries and how they can help transform your organization.

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