Textel SMS Integration

SpiceX’s Textel Integration Leads to Better & Faster Customer Engagement

SpiceX introduces our newest integration with Textel, a solution which allows businesses to send and receive text messages through any existing business or phone line.

Our Textel Integration allows for SMS to be built into any client’s business process workflows, within the SpiceX Engagement Suite. The power of this integration lies in allowing users to automate and customize text messages easily. Technical knowledge on configuring API’s is not required to successfully use Textel in our low-code visual Process Editor.

Moreover, no specific requirements exist for implementation of Textel within SpiceX. It can be used by any organization, with or without existing phone systems.

Text Messages Received Well 98% of the Time

Very few people respond to unsolicited emails or phone calls. Studies show that only 3% of emails are read, 5% of phone calls answered, but 98% of texts are read. Data shows that people keep their phones on them and are much more likely to engage with information through their phones than through more traditional methods.
Another benefit of sending text messages is that the message remains on the device, so recipients can return to and view the information at any time, unlike with phone calls, where the contact can be unaware during the call and not absorb the message. Also unlike email, text allows for the “Reply with ‘Y’ to Opt in.” which allows for the text message to be more of a data sharing interaction, rather than a one-off virtual ad.

Benefits of Spice’s Textel Integration

SpiceX’s Textel Integration allows for an SMS message to be triggered via Textel or suggested based on specific situations. Mass texts regarding office & business hours can also easily be sent. Automated individual texts to contacts regarding appointments can be sent when an appointment is scheduled, and responses can be recorded in the business’ database system. The degree to the customization or automation of the texts can be toggled easily in SpiceX’s platform and can modify data in the business’ relevant databases & systems.

Major benefits to the business include increasing attendance & confirmation of events. With confirmation & scheduling related communication mostly automated, it allows the business to focus on providing the product or service value not on coordination efforts & scheduling, which provide no real value to the customer in the end.

Anyone Can Use the Textel Integration
No specific requirements exist for implementation of Textel within SpiceX. It can be used by anyone, with or without a phone system. Businesses can use it to communicate with their customers and it can be used in focus group research or in campaigns to engage with contacts meaningfully. For more information on how the platforms work together reach out to our Sales team.

Use of Textel Integration can be Integrated with Other Platform Integrations

A leading health care provider has seen an increase in appointments created and appointments kept by using the Textel integration. They use the Textel Integration to send individualized appointment reminder or informational mass texts to patients in their Dentrix database, which is also integrated with SpiceX.
They are now able to set up the system to send patients automated appointment reminders, 7 days and 1 day before the appointment and the appointment reminders can also handle formatted responses. SpiceX processes the response and updates the appointment in Dentrix with the confirmed status.

An agent can use a process within Spice to search for groups of patients who need specific reminders. It could also be utilized to send alerts about business hour changes or other general information patients need to be aware of.

How the Integration Works

SpiceX’s Textel Integration can be triggered at specific points of a designed workflow within the Visual Process, which allows for drag & drop of functions. The API Call Node within the Process Editor GUI allows for the client to “visually code” a process with the Textel integration by ordering actions simply by just moving around blocks. Modular design and easy to use; all you need to know is what order you want the actions to be in. The Textel Integration triggers the Abstract Layer, Spice’s built-in IDE, which is programmed to invoke the integration. The experience can be transparent to the agent, or triggered manually by agent interaction.

With use of the Textel Integration in SpiceX, now you can utilize SMS wherever you want in your business workflow, either as a function directly within a form or via an automatic process with the SpiceX Automation Suite.

For more information about SpiceX or our integration with Textel please reach out to our Success Team with questions or for additional details.